Tina Kjaer

Tina Kjaer lives and works in Denmark.

Tina Kjaer is a florist who lives and works in Denmark who has shot onto the international scene within the last 18 months! Her work which she posted on Facebook has excited designers around the world and she now has a huge following both there and on Instagram.

Tina is a highly energetic and passionate person who opened her shop “Ella´s Minde” 10 years ago. Her style is without question nostalgic and romantic in nature and always reflects the seasons – another reason for it’s popularity.

Tina loves to teach and demonstrates and is fluent in English. We suspect that she will be in high demand which means that her popularity may force her to make more business decisions which would involve her travelling even more.

Tina Kjaer
Ellas Minde, Fejøgade 18 4800, Nykøbing F, Falster, Denmark
Tel: +45 54 49 10 11