FTD World Cup Philadelphia

Mar 2, 2019 | Behind the Scenes

Six Floral Fundamentals Ambassadors are currently at the FTD World Cup in Philadelphia, USA competing in what is effectively the floral equivalent of the Olympics.

They are also assisted and supported by Ambassadors and although they are competing against each other – they are all still friends.

Natalia Zizko (Russia); Tamás Mezőffy (Hungary) ; Pirjo Koppi (Finland); Laura Leong (UK); Přemysl Hytych (Czech Republic); Hans Zijlstra (The Netherlands) assisted by Roman Steinhauer (Russia); Tiina Koskinen (Finland); Max Van de Sluis (The Netherlands) and Jackie Smith Johns Aifd (USA)

We wish them well and hope that they have a wonderful experience.

Photographs courtesy of Ambassador Jackie Smith Johns