Bouvardiakwekerij Vreeken Sierteelt B.V.

Vreeken Floriculture BV is a family business and has specialised in the year round growing Bouvardia.

Live your Life in Love & Happiness with Bouvardia, by Vreeken Sierteelt B.V.!

The beginning
Vreeken Sierteelt is a real growers family, their company was founded in 1896.  Great-grandfather, Grandfather Jacob and father Krijn together had a nursery with lots of different flowers: Strelitzia, Carnations, Gypsophilia, Lsianthus,Tulips in winter and lots and lots of different summer flowers. In those times there was the first contact with Bouvardia. At 1998, son Jaap, 19 years old and living in New Zealand, Krijn suggested to build a new Bouvardia nursery together.
It is now the 3th and 4th generation that have a passion for Bouvardia. They specialised in 3 hectares all year-round cultivation of this beautiful elegant flower. Father Krijn and his wife Mady, son Jaap, daughter Tineke, even granddaughter Marit loves them!

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Why Bouvardia
Bouvardia is named after Charles Bouvard, Louis XIII’s physician and head of the Jardin des Plantes botanical garden in Paris. The bushy, evergreen plant originates from Central and North America, particularly Mexico. Bouvardia is a ‘short day plant’ (like the chrysanthemum); the flower develops when the days are less than twelve hours long. In the wild the plants therefore flower in the summer and autumn. They grow them in the traditional way. When the cuttings are planted they can grow without force and stress in about twelve weeks into fully grown flowers. So the plant can give all his energy to a heavy stem and big headed flower.

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The Bouvardia is not easy to grow. It’s still cultivation on a small scale and there is always something to learn about it. The challenge and the necessary skills, but specially the happy feeling seeing the beauty of this elegant flower is the reason Krijn and Jaap chose Bouvardia. “This ‘royal’ flower with large umbel and firm florets and the crop that is fresh and firm after it soaks up water at night, radiates energy and zest for life and ensures that they enjoy every morning a happy and enthusiastic walk through their greenhouses.” “We harvest the Bouvardia in bud. If some of the flowers are blooming, you can even smell a soft scent in the air.“ In the vase it is beautiful to see how the Bouvardia every day gives a few new flowers open until it is in full bloom. After harvesting the flowers and pruning the bushes you see mostly woody stems, which in no time new fresh green leaves grow. About 12 weeks after pruning appear racemes that quickly reveal their color, from pure white to candy pink.

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High quality and sustainable production are important topics for them. Biological control, power generation trough cogeneration and reuse of water, are some of the sustainable projects which are being conducted during the cultivation process. An unique collaboration with the municipality of Haarlemmermeer and Direct Current BV, resulted in the first fully direct voltage network which is tested in the greenhouses of Vreeken Sierteelt.

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Working at two locations, a fresh, high quality product is supplied daily. In the manufacturing process, the customer is central and Vreeken Sierteelt is specialised in delivering tailored solutions. The range consists of three varieties: “Bouvardia Diamond White”, a beautiful double-flowered white variety; “Royal Daphne Fresco”, a single-flowered widescreen which has a bright pink colour, and last but not least, “Royal Roza”, the flagship of Vreeken Sierteelt. Roza has an unique candy pink color, and heavy-duty and large umbel. All Bouvardias are regular available in length 40 – 70 cm.
Did you know …
Water is vital for the Bouvardia. They need a lot of water both in the greenhouse and in the vase, because it has big leaves that cause evaporation (a glass vase is handy for keeping an eye on the water level).
Availability & care
Bouvardia is available all year round. The usual care tips apply to these elegant flowers: trim the stems, remove the bottom leaves (and possibly slightly more) and place the flowers in clean water with cut flower food. Keep a close eye on the water level, because Bouvardias are thirsty flowers. Bouvardias have a good vase life, provided you look after them. The flowers don’t like a draughty location, near the central heating or in direct sunlight.
“Ask your supplier about our Bouvardia!”  We are happy to provide you with more information. Please call or email us.

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Bouvardia comes from the subtropical regions of North and Central America. Most species are found in Mexico. By nature, the plants bloom in summer and autumn. Bouvardia is called short-day plant. That is, a flower is applied under the influence of day length. This has to do with hormones in the plant. The flower is applied at a day length of less than 12 hours. More than 14 hours of light and the flower is not constructed properly.

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