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For more than 40 years there has been a Brouwer nursery.

For more than 40 years there has been a Brouwer nursery.  Brouwer senior started in the early 60s under flat glass and around 1970 he began, as a pilot, the cultivation of Gloriosa.  This expanded in the next 15 years to the point that the nursery was full.  In 1986 they built a nursery where potted plants were mainly grown.


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The growing of Gloriosa is very much a family affair for this company and even the children are involved.  Wim is completed dedicated to these glorious flowers and constantly trials new varieties and then watches with baited breath as they begin to develop.  “When a new colour develops, I could stand and gaze at it for ages” says Wim “they are just so beautiful”.

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In 2003 they decided to further focus on the specialisation of Gloriosa cultivation to be better able to respond to the needs of the customer and to bring their product quality to an even higher level.  But in 2015 they decided that it was time to Brand their product which was when Crown Jewels Gloriosa was born!  This is certainly a perfect Brand for such wonderful flowers!


Following on from this there has been an increase in demand for Gloriosa and they continue to develop new strains with yet more in the pipeline.

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So ask for Crown Jewels Gloriosa when you order and you will know that they are grown and prepared with love.

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