G de Wit & Zonen

G de Wit & Zonen are specialist growers of sensational Hyacinths.

The company was started in 1987 by two brothers who were following in their father and uncle’s footsteps.  In 2007 one brother stepped down and since then the company has been run by husband and wife partnership, Arie and Jacinta de Wit.  They say that their most important aim is to deliver quality hyacinths with good tips on length and amount of pips.  To them they are not just bunch of flowers to put on the auction, they grow the bulbs first for 3 years before they consider the bulbs to be big enough for good and big flowers and then they grow them in the greenhouse in the winter.

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They think that it’s a shame to care for them for the first 3 years and then not to care for them just as well through the remaining growing process.  They are very unusual in this!   De Wit are passionate about offering top quality flowers when they come to sell them.  For them this is very important.  Thus they thin out those that don’t meet their very high standards.   This means that their Hyacinths which they sell to florists, have never been taken for granted – they have dedicated themselves to producing excellent flowers.  In the photographs above you can see how the bulbs are actually planted outdoors.

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They live in Lisse which is the important flower bulb county in The Netherlands where they have grown Hyacinths in the field for over 30 years, and the soil there is good for this product. They are not interested in rushing the process of wrapping and caring for their flowers once they have been harvested – this company care more about product than volume.
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They grow a lot of varieties, which is also what makes them so special.  When you buy G de Wit Hyacinths you can get almost every colour through the season.  Varieties include Aiolos, Delft Blue, Minos, Purple Star, Woodstock, Jan Bos, Johanna, Atlantic, Purple Voice, Anna Marie, China Pink, City of Bradford and … a few more!
If you are wondering what happens after the cut Hyacinth season, from November until the end of May, finishes – in the summer the company is totally different because then they grow bulbs.  .

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G. de Wit en Zonen
Achterweg-Zuid 66, 2161 DZ, Lisse, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 6 10889132