Holstein Flowers

“We have Gerbera in our DNA” – that’s the claim of Holstein Flowers

“We have Gerbera in our DNA” – that’s the claim of Holstein Flowers and, once you meet them, you can understand why!  This is a family business and no mistake four brothers Willem, Tom, Mathieu and Leo together with sons – Paul and Hans run this fabulous business.

Gerberas are classics in the ornamental flower range.  They are everything a flower must be.  A beautiful creation by Mother Nature and Holstein Flowers’ great passion.  They have been growing and breeding Gerbera for more than four decades and as a family business are even longer, since 1946, which ensures a maximum involvement in the Gerbera cultivation at every stage of the process, from breeding to packing.

Innovation has always been a driving force for them.  It has made them what they are today: the specialist in Gerberas.  They know all about the classics of the range as well as specialities.  This mix is what makes Holstein Flowers unique.  Their clients can choose from a complete range of different colours and concepts, but always recognisable by the high quality and distinctive species.

They have about eighty species at two locations in De Lier and 80% come from their own breeding.  They were selected based on their added value in the area of cultivation performance, range and sustainability and produced with the latest technologies to ensure year-round high level production.  The state of the art technology still goes hand in hand with craftsmanship, but mainly with passion.  Passion for Gerbera cultivation.

Holstein Flowers has its own lab and test room.  By keeping research facilities in-house they manage to keep the lines of communication short.  This enables them to respond to market demands without being dependent on third parties. In their test room they check if the new and existing species meet their high standards regarding ornamental value and durability. The test room also helps them to control and manage the entire process, from new hybrids to delivery to the florist!

Holstein Flowers

Holstein Flowers are well-known and highly respect for the quality and range of their beautiful gerbera.
This is a family company who are dedicated to supporting florists and who have even developed a new idea so that you can have ‘Mixed Boxes’ to use some of their top rated flowers.

And last but not least: they are used taking responsibility.  Not only for the environment and society, but also for their employees.  They want to be a good employer who gives people room for personal growth.  How wonderful is that?!

Holstein Flowers
Kasteelweg 1, 2678 SB De Lier, Westland, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)174 21 00 00
Email: info@holsteinflowers.nl
Website: www.holsteinflowers.nl