Madiba® specialist growers of Santini Chrysanthemum.

Madiba® are the latest growers to become Partners at Floral Fundamentals – they are a group of specialist growers of Santini Chrysanthemum.


The Madiba® development took four years, a relatively long period for a Chrysanthemum. The original crossing between two Santinis’ was extended to a complete new species through consistent selection. The special characteristics of the Madiba® have only just come to light.  “At first, we didn’t see much. Market forces dictate: small flowers, low prices. But the further we came, the more we saw. When florists and traders also reacted very enthusiastically towards the first samples, we knew we were on the right track. However, what surprised me the most is the extreme longevity. In such a process, this is a bit of luck because the original parents were actually relatively short-lived. In that respect, the Madiba® is a breeding break-through.”

We are really excited to have them in the Floral Fundamentals family and our designers just loved working with their varieties. Above all – these are passionate and dedicated growers producing gorgeous long-lasting flowers!