Meijer Roses

Meijer Roses is a family run business renowned for their high quality Avalanche Roses.

Meijer Roses was established in 1970 and from the very beginning they have worked on providing their customers with roses of the highest quality. A combination of genuine passion for flowers and dedication allowed them to build a reputation for excellence and innovation. Over the last few years, they broadened their scope and started to cooperate more closely with international clients.

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In harvesting roses it all comes to choosing the perfect moment to cut.  They have managed to find the balance between the durability of the flower and its bloom.  Their roses integrate these two factors perfectly, and as a result, their flowers ensure unforgettable atmosphere to every event and occasion.  It never fails to amaze and delight them when they receive mails or calls from customers from all over the world.  Every satisfied customer is yet another reason for them to grow.

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Meijer Roses is located in South-Holland, The Netherlands where it’s possible to grow roses under the best circumstances.  They grow Avalanche+ roses which are known for being strong with large heads.

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The Avalanche collection by Meijer Roses: is white Avalanche+, soft pink Sweet Avalanche and champagne coloured Pearl Avalanche!  They are renowned for their consistent and excellent quality.

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Meijer Roses
Hoefslag 11, Pijnacker, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 15 369 42 42