My Peony Society

My Peony Society is a group of growers and traders who supply cut peony 10 months of the year.

My Peony Society is a group of growers and traders. They say, “The bloom of the peony, a transformation from shy green bud to luscious ‘pool of lace’, is a spectacle we can’t get enough of. That is why we founded the My Peony Society. With care and knowledge we bring the best peonies to be enjoyed for the longest time. We do this by working together and sharing knowledge. As an association, we are able to control the full life cycle of the precious peony.”


My Peony Society can supply fresh cut peony for 10 months of the year! They say, “Something as beautiful as the peony should be enjoyed for as long as possible. So we make sure our fresh peonies are available as long as possible. With our network of expert growers employing innovative cultivation techniques and modern shipping methods, as well as our partnerships with experienced wholesalers, we offer fresh peonies longer than most. The result: an extended peony season and a greater variety of peonies to be enjoyed year-round.”

“We’re perfectionists. Our way of working, combining a genuine passion for peonies with a keen sense of business, has its advantages. Because we work with the world’s greatest peony experts, from experienced growers to ambitious wholesalers, we offer a unique ‘full bloom guarantee’: the assurance of the most beautiful bloom at just the right moment.”

So now you can sell beautiful peony almost year-round. My Peony Society are now Partners of Floral Fundamentals and the Ambassadors just love working with their blooms!

My Peony Society
Cotoneaster 70 (712.21 km), 1424LB De Kwakel, The Netherlands