Porta Nova

Porta Nova grow the sensational Rosa ‘Red Naomi’.

Porta Nova’s business philosophy distinguishes it from the rest and, as a result, a top quality product is always supplied.  Porta Nova harvests and works every day of the year, the products are then offered for sale at the auction the following day so you can be sure their roses are always fresh.  The fact that we are the largest grower of Red Naomi! means that sufficient stock is always available.

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In order to guarantee quality during transport, Porta Nova has developed a unique product: the COLLUM. Thanks to this extra collar, damage during transport is kept to an absolute minimum. Product presentation and distinctiveness are also guaranteed.

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The above developments and the close collaborations with their partners enable them to provide you with a QUALITY GUARANTEE. Should there be some unexpected problem nonetheless, their roses will be delivered free of charge.  If necessary, they can also monitor circumstances during transport so that you can review the precise conditions thereafter and isolate any potential areas for improvement.

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Porta Nova is happy to work alongside customers both at home and abroad in order to get the very best from the collaboration.

Porta Nova
Abr. Kroesweg 44, , Waddinxveen, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 79 593 3817
Email: info@portanova.nl
Website: www.portanova.nl

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