Van der Ende Flowers

Van der Ende Flowers is a progressive Amaryllis grower

Van der Ende Flowers is a progressive Amarylliskwekerij. This family has been in business since 1990 specialising in the cultivation of the Amaryllis.  The mission of the flower nursery in Maasdijk is to deliver a quality product as good as possible to the customer.  The organisation tries as hard as possible to meet the requirements of their customers and through this the company to maintain and strengthen its effectiveness.  It is their ambition to grow the business to Amarylliskwekerij that at all levels is top class.  They strive to offer a wide and varied range with an offer in all four seasons.

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Van der Ende Flowers is led by brothers Gerard and Martijn and father Simon van der Ende.  The total size of the company is 9 hectares and has 28 permanent employees and about 35 seasonal workers.


Gerard is the eldest of the brothers, and he monitors the quality of the crop.  His duties are primarily in checking and organising activities.  He is busy day and night with the bulbs and plants and ensures that the conditions are perfect for the bulbs and plants to grow healthy and good.


Martijn is the barn manager. He is responsible for properly delivering the product .. He is also the contact person for the sale of flowers. His duties include taking orders, the auction finished making the products and check the staff. And with clients look better after sales concept.

Father Simon still occurs primarily as advisor to the company. He holds the important details in the eye and controls the functions of his sons.  But the next generation is at hand too.

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Van der Ende Flowers
Long Way of the Cross 58 , 2676 BN Maasdijk, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 6 20407088