Voorn Spray Roses

Voorn Spray Roses grow a range of beautiful spray roses.

In everything they do, Voorn spray roses take into account the environment.  Because they consider this an important aspect of their business, Voorn spray roses are happy to explain exactly what they mean.

They grow quality spray roses all year round in The Netherlands using electricity that they generate themselves. In this way they use the energy optimally. In addition to efficiency, they are constantly looking to reduce the amount of energy per unit of product.

Roses need a lot of water with fertilisers in order to grow properly. The team collect rainwater that falls on their greenhouse and use it for irrigation.  Each rose bush has its own connection with which it receives water. The water that is not used by the roses is collected and used again after it has been purified. This way they save on water and fertilisers and ensure that they do not end up in the environment.

For the control of pests and diseases they make as much use as possible of natural pest controllers and other environmentally friendly control methods. In this way they try to limit the use of plant protection products. They are constantly looking for new and better control methods in order to minimise the impact on the environment.

Voorn Spray Roses
Lindeweg 39-2, 8315 RA Luttelgeest, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 6 11262132
Email: verkoop@voornrozen.nl
Website: www.voornroses.com