Chrysal stands for top quality flower food that ensures the optimum flowering and longevity of plants and flowers.

Global presence
Chrysal is present in countries that are of major importance in the flower and plant industry, either because of their grower areas (South America, Africa, Asia) or because of their market position in trade and retail (Western Europe, USA and Japan). Currently we have operations in 14 countries and production facilities in 5: Japan, Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya and The Netherlands. Our distribution network spans all continents.

Certification and memberships
Chrysal works in accordance with international standards, and it is also our preference to work with suppliers who work in accordance with these same standards, for all our production locations across the globe.

Chrysal’s roots
For more than 85 years, Chrysal has supplied premium flower care products which condition cut flowes for optimal quality. The last few years we have used our knowledge of flower care to develop a line of plant care products as well. In 1949, Ir. Camille Buys introduced Chrysal, an innovative formula that doubled the vase life of cut flowers. Pokon & Chrysal had their headquarters in Naarden, The Netherlands and remained a family business until 2007. Pokon plant food activities were sold to an investment company, and our official name changed to Chrysal International.

Chrysal Cares
With our Corporate Social Responsibility plan Chrysal Cares, we support local communities in the countries in which we operate as well as running projects and activities to reduce our impact on the environment. We have a strong focus to reduce waste for every stage in the horticultural chain, through our products, advice and protocols. And with our global operations, we aim to match the business needs right where it’s needed, close to our partners, reducing the carbon footprint and saving costs. This way we can achieve optimal floral and plant performance at the right time and place, with better and sustainable business results.


Gooimeer 7, 1411 DD Naarden, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0) 35 69 55 888