H & R – The Wire Man

H & R - the wire man is an owner-operated family business and has been in business for decades. Based in Germany.

The company’s long history and tradition as well as a team that knows and understands the florist industry and the requirements of florists by heart are the foundation for a broad and extensive product portfolio with more than 1,500 products.

Their products for the florist industry cover two areas: Basics and Deco.

The Basics offer the florists numerous florist wires in the most diverse variations. Binding wire, flower tape, mossing pegs, needles, kenzans for Ikebana, wreath hoops in different shapes and various other products. Everything for a good basis.

Then there are the products from the Deco range. The creative florist and florist designer has endless possibilities. With aluminium wires, deco lacquer and bullion or even paper wires, deco needles, beads and many creative helpers in different shapes, sizes and extensive colour palettes, there are no limits for florists.

They are constantly working on new products for the florist branch. They take a close look at what is needed and are in close exchange with florist designers so ideas can become floral beauty or even floristic masterpieces.

H & R GmbH
The Wire Man
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Website: www.the-wire-man.com