OASIS® Floral Products

OASIS® Floral Products supply a vast range of floral foam products and floristry supplies.

“Supporting the industry” is the main objective for the activities of Smithers-Oasis (OASIS® Floral Products & Floralife® Postharvest Products). Smithers-Oasis is continuously providing solution-based products, education, design techniques and inspiration for florists and floral designers.

Since 1954, when V.L. Smithers revolutionised the floral industry with the creation of water-absorbing foam for florists, Smithers-Oasis has grown into a leading global manufacturer and marketer of floral foam, floral accessory products, cellular growing media, and post harvest products.  Today, OASIS® is the most recognised and trusted brand in the floral industry.  Its network of facilities around the world enables Smithers-Oasis to provide products and services to the local market – reflecting cultural preferences and traditions.  The distribution partners, consisting of wholesalers and distributors, ensure that florists and growers worldwide can rely on OASIS® branded products to create their designs and grow their businesses.

For over 70 years, Floralife, Inc. has provided a complete line of post harvest flower care products for the floral industry. Floralife was the first to produce a high-quality, clear solution flower food for cut flowers.  In 1938, the company developed the first flower food, and was the first to bring water-specific fresh flower foods to market.

Smithers-Oasis BeNeLux
Europark 2079, B-3530 Houthalen, Belgium
Tel: +32 (0)11 600 860
Email: belgiuminfo@smithersoasis.com
Website: www.smithersoasis.com

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